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Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr are far away from my needs. These platform and services are just full of vanities in mind of simple blogging. I need very very very simple platform without any distractions and with my own domain. None of them provided that. For my travel blog I already use Wordpress platform and I know it almost in and out. I could modify it, but it still too overload for simplicity. You yell, Ghost! I know and I already tested it too. Everything on my server is php based. Adding node.js, completely different server engine aside with Apache is insane stuff. Ok, there was no problem in installing it and making Ghost working. I also liked it. But why on earth I would like to add to my already overloaded routines with completely different one? Just pain.

But I have to thank Ghost for inspiring me to create minimalistic platform by myself. This is also the moment when I changed from Rich Text editor to Markdown. So here is my choises for minimalistic blog platform.


For responsive web design I use only these two: Bootstrap and Foundation. I love them. For this blog I chose Foundation 5. It's Off-canvas menus was the main stuff I was looking for. Everything else was just a bonus.

Searching well working markdown text editor with preview took a while. The winner was obviously EpicEditor, which was my first tested one. But I had to test also some others. But they had some cons. Ok, next I need a parser for viewing markdown in HTML. It was easy, Parsedown do the job perfectly.

For image modals there was only FancyBox, that triggers straight from <img> tag. I didn't want to modify Markdown parser and also want to keep text clean. So no <a> anchors nor attributes. JQuery can do it also, but it is ugly.

Font render is from Google.

So simply left off-canvas menu works as an content menu and right side for personal and social links and admin tools. Nothing else.


First thing is SEO and user friendly urls. No date in url path, no ids, just an alias of title. And better - manually written alias. In summary: http://domain/some-topic-here. All admin stuff are shown only for logged user. There are /new for creating new post, /edit/some-topic-here for editing a post, /delete/some-topic-here for deleting a post and also /logout.
Redirects are made with Apache2 RewriteEngine.

Mainly I write in finnish, so default layout texts are also in finnish. But posts in English are targetted for wider public. There I have a language switch for each post, that turns all text to English versions, eg. Arkisto -> Archive.


This minimalistic blog platform is pure joyness to use on all device. EpicEditor provides split screen with editor on the left and preview on the right side. And also full screen editor on mobile devices contains zero distraction. All together provides fast and easy blogging experience.


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