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Tämä on näitä devaaja-isän virityksiin kuuluva asia. Parhaat ideat syntyy tarpeesta ja tässä tämä yksi. Lapsellani on suoliston kehityshäiriö ja ollaan jouduttu olemaan paljon sairaalassa. Siellä piti jatkuvasti pitää kirjaa kaikesta mitä menee sisään ja ulos, samoin kasvuun liittyvät tiedot.

Ja kaikki kirjattiin paperilla olevaan taulukkoon. Käytäntö osoitti kuitenkin, ettei paperiin ja kynään kovin helposti tartuta kun lapsi on sylissä. Mutta sitten kun saatiin käskyn jatkaa ... Lue lisää


I love Zurb Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.

5th version of Foundation brings possibility to compile own modifications with sass. It was very nice to keep everything in your hands and enabling features just with importing and including mixins. Also javascript based features were easy to include or exclude. Stuff were easy to keep clean on the server.

And then Foundation 6 came. Oh shit.. manual labour is gone. Install bower? Install npm ... Read more


Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites have two factor authentication. And I also want to have it in some of my projects.

While searching the internet, I found many solutions. All of them are somehow complicated or stuffed with unnecessary features for me. I want fast and simple solution. So I made my own.

I use Google Authenticator on my phone and QuickAuth on my Pebble Time smartwatch.

These apps generate 6 digit TOTP (Time based one-time password) for ... Read more


What the hell is going on?

You have some website that serves customers via email or you have mass mailing service or your customers send emails through your service in their names or ... you got it. But wait, some of these emails got into the spam folders. Or in worst scenarios didn't reach targets at all. Me and my clients being there.

There were no problems years ago, but last times web services and users are getting more and more error mails or their client complaining " ... Read more

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Few days ago I've created a solution to block wp-login.php bruteforce attacks. After implementing it to the several sites the logs now are filled with a new phenomenon.

Confused hackers, knowing that site is on the wordpress platform, try to find if this wp-login.php file is moved somewhere. And they actually scans all possible combination of paths on the site. Luckily this doesn't affect on the server's resource as hard as bruteforce attack. It's much easier to ... Read more

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I'm maintaining a lot of Wordpress based sites. And almost daily there is some brute force attack on one of them. The target of these attacks is wp-login.php file. There is a lot of solutions to protect this file by limiting an access to it using separate password or manually adding allowed IP address. And changing them all the time is not an option for me.

So how I solved this? By automagisation! ;)
Main point is to modify .htaccess file to have access rules ... Read more


Search files containing string

grep -rnw ./ -e "string"

Totally override destination with source

rsync -avh --delete (--dry-run) /path/to/source/ /path/to/destination/

Find services that uses specific file

#Quick way, process id list
fuser /path/to/file

#Versatile way, more info list
lsof /path/to/file

What files does specific process id uses

lsof -p 12345 

What files ... Read more


I found out that many hesitate to learn sass. Internet is full of guides with complicated instruction for über super editors and sdk. They just ruin an idea of easier approaching and spreading this lovely invention.

So if you are one of those hesitators, dude, throw away all thought you have about sass or scss. Especially if you think that it'll take too long to learn or it require odd apps. Nope! Don't waste your time any more. The ... Read more


Have you been or are you in this situation:

  • Hmm.. PDO.. gotta do some wrapper.
  • My gosh, it's ugly, gotta do some wrapper.
  • Wtf, PDO. Can't learn. Gotta get some helper class.
  • [add here some angstic situation]

Yes? So, why on earth you want to wrap your already wrapped Christmas presents into another paper?!

If you don't know what are you doing, read next carefully ... Read more


I have to do with linux firewall iptables quite rarely, that's why I never remember commands I need. I'm going to list them here as they will come on my way.

List rules with line numbers:

iptables -L --line-numbers

Deny all acces from IP, in case of DDOS or Auth-attack:

iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

Remove rule by line number:

Read more


Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr are far away from my needs. These platform and services are just full of vanities in mind of simple blogging. I need very very very simple platform without any distractions and with my own domain. None of them provided that. For my travel blog I already use Wordpress platform and I know it almost in and out. I could modify it, but it still too overload for simplicity. You yell, Ghost! I know and I already tested it too. Everything on my server is php based. ... Read more