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Few days ago I've created a solution to block wp-login.php bruteforce attacks. After implementing it to the several sites the logs now are filled with a new phenomenon.

Confused hackers, knowing that site is on the wordpress platform, try to find if this wp-login.php file is moved somewhere. And they actually scans all possible combination of paths on the site. Luckily this doesn't affect on the server's resource as hard as bruteforce attack. It's much easier to ... Read more


Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr are far away from my needs. These platform and services are just full of vanities in mind of simple blogging. I need very very very simple platform without any distractions and with my own domain. None of them provided that. For my travel blog I already use Wordpress platform and I know it almost in and out. I could modify it, but it still too overload for simplicity. You yell, Ghost! I know and I already tested it too. Everything on my server is php based. ... Read more