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I love Zurb Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.

5th version of Foundation brings possibility to compile own modifications with sass. It was very nice to keep everything in your hands and enabling features just with importing and including mixins. Also javascript based features were easy to include or exclude. Stuff were easy to keep clean on the server.

And then Foundation 6 came. Oh shit.. manual labour is gone. Install bower? Install npm ... Read more


I found out that many hesitate to learn sass. Internet is full of guides with complicated instruction for über super editors and sdk. They just ruin an idea of easier approaching and spreading this lovely invention.

So if you are one of those hesitators, dude, throw away all thought you have about sass or scss. Especially if you think that it'll take too long to learn or it require odd apps. Nope! Don't waste your time any more. The ... Read more